Building & Grounds

Aerial View of CUCLocated in a low-density portion of the city, our 8+ acre property includes a 25,000 square-foot building, a separate parsonage, and approximately 150 off-street parking spaces in a lower and an upper parking lot. Approximately 30 percent of the site is developed with buildings and paved areas; the balance includes wetlands, wooded areas and steep terrain. The building is prominently sited at the edge of a plateau.




Church SanctuaryThe church building is of a unique mid-century design that embraces the surrounding natural setting. The building includes three components:

  1. the Sanctuary to the left,
  2. the Religious Education (RE) wing to the right, with one central pod and 4 additional pods containing 3-4 classrooms each, and
  3. a central core area containing offices, kitchen, restrooms, and Fellowship Hall.




Rental to outside organizations for private functions and programs is encouraged. Renters have included schools, other religious organizations needing a home, and various groups with regular meetings that are compatible with our programming. Rentals even include the parking lot which has been used by movie producers for local filmings.



The Grounds Committee manages the grounds in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. An ongoing effort is made to ecologically restore the grounds by removal of non-native, invasive plants and encouraging and re-introducing plants that are native to this area to the extent feasible. An effort is also being made to prevent erosion and runoff to protect water and soil quality and to maintain a safe environment.

Jule Brown Sibley Memorial GardenThe Memorial Garden, officially called The Jule Brown Sibley Memorial Garden, was dedicated in May 1995 and named after Jule Sibley following her death. A church member, or a spouse or child of a member, and any person invited by the minister, is eligible to make arrangements for the placing of ashes in the Garden. The interment area is considered sacred ground and is maintained by a committee.