Giving Campaign 2021:
We will be back with
More Hope, Vigor, and Strength


It is now more than one year since we began conducting services remotely. We are all eagerly awaiting the time when it will be safe to go back to in-person worship, and are very much looking forward to meeting everyone again soon.

This is the time when we plan for the new CUUC congregational year, which starts July 1st. As part of this planning, we are again conducting our Annual Giving Campaign, which last year fell a bit by the wayside.

This year’s Annual Giving Campaign theme is

We will be back with
More Hope, Vigor, and Strength

Our theme is more than just words with a nice and hopeful ring to them; it is a goal we can make into a reality when all of us help support our beloved faith community.

To meet our financial obligations, we have set the pledge goal at $380,000. To meet this goal, we need 100% participation, receiving a pledge from every Member and Friend. Everyone has been mailed a pledge form, informational flyer, and self-addressed envelope. You also have the option of pledging online at

Your contribution will power our actions within the congregation and support their effect out in the world.

•    Journey Groups give participants the opportunity for meaningful connection and spiritual growth.

•    Committees and Social Justice Teams work to have an impact on local and global causes. For example, this past year the Hunger & Homelessness Team and the CUUC Kitchen Crew stepped up big time, cooking thousands of meals for the HOPE Community soup kitchen. Also, the many volunteers of our Get Out to Vote team helped support national drives to increase voter participation, which resulted in a more hopeful future for many.

•    Our vibrant Lifespan Religious Education program, led by our Religious Educator Tracy Breneman, provides both opportunites for spiritual growth for adults as well as age-specific spiritual teaching and moral grounding for our children. The RE program is planning to add a Youth Coordinator to our team.

•    Even a pandemic didn’t stop our music ministry from continuing to enrich CUUC worship with sublime piano performances and heartfelt choral works, as livestreams and edited music videos.

•    Our worship services are provided year-round, with summer services led by guest ministers and speakers, which have included members of CUUC.

Remember, our programming and services are supported only by us, and our expenses continue to increase annually. For instance, the medical premiums once again are about to increase by 10%. Consider your donation in terms of what it takes to make our congregation run and thrive.

CUUC is an important part of our lives, and our religious faith is a necessary force for good in the world. Both require our commitment to remain healthy and vital. Please do all you can to support our congregation and fund our aspirations. We will be back, with more hope, vigor, and strength! Together we can make this happen.

Thank you all for your participation and support.


Chris Kortlandt                              

Joe Majsak
Chair, Board of Trustees  

Debra Manetta 
Vice Chair, Board of Trustees 


When you receive your Pledge Form in the mail, please complete and return it as soon as you can.

If you prefer, you may instead fill out your pledge information online using our Make A Pledge form. Then click submit and you are done.
Or Download a digital version of the 2021 Pledge Form, save, complete, print, and sign, and do one of the following:
  1. Drop it off at the CUUC office when open
  2. Mail it to: Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains, 468 Rosedale Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605
  3. Scan the completed form into your computer and email it to

You may also donate online via PayPal