Journey Groups

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” 
If you haven't signed up for a Journey Group yet, please do! Just make your request by filling in the windows to the right.
Journey groups are theme-based monthly meetings in which congregants can explore their deepest values and inner voices. Facilitators provide formative spaces where individuals can nurture their spiritual journeys collectively without judgment. Your Unitarian Universalist journey is one that has the potential to slowly transform your life. Together we can grow in depth and spiritual maturity. We do this by exploring together the significant issues on which religions at their best have always guided people to greater insight -- such issues as faith, death, forgiveness, hope, justice, love, brokenness.
Journey GroupsJourney Groups meet once a month for 10 months (September through June). You'll find them to be tremendously valuable and you won't want to miss a single one. However, even if you miss most of your group meetings, you'll still find it valuable to attend occasionally. Signing up does not commit you to attend -- we just need to know which group you'll go to when you do have a chance to go.
Once you've submitted your sign-up form, a facilitator will contact you soon to welcome you to the group.  There are a variety of group meeting times, locations, and platforms to choose from; please make your first and second choices.  We work to balance the number of members in each group so no one group is too large or small. Signing up is a great help to our planning.
If you prefer, you can sign up for a group by emailing CUUC administrator Pamela Parker, or calling her at 914-946-1660, ext. 2.