Online Directory

Stay Connected with our Online Member & Friends Directory

If you are a Member or Friend of Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains, you are invited to join our online community of profiles, which we use to create our printed directory.
Our administrator sends Members and Friends e-mail invitations (Subject: "Join the CUUC Online Family") so they can register and log in. Didn't get an invite? Email or call 914-946-1660 x2.
After you have registered, we can help update your online information for you. Just contact the office ( or 914-946-1660 x2) with your preferred contact information and send us a photo.
If you'd like to update the online information yourself, please take these two important steps so you will appear in our printed and online directories:
1. Upload a photo. Help others find you by adding a photo of yourself to your online profile screen. Click the Add An Individual Photo square at the top left of the screen and follow the upload instructions. Click the small right-hand circle below the photo square to Add a Family Photo the same way. Note that only one photo can display in the printed directory (and if a family photo is uploaded, it will be the one displayed).
2. Display your contact information. Let others in our congregation connect with you by choosing to display your address, phone, and e-mail in our directory. Above the Contact Information line, click on Privacy next to the lock symbol. Be sure the Opt in to Online Directory box is checked. Select Everyone to allow all your contact information to be seen by Members and Friends, or Custom to share specific items (click the box below the item and then choose Everyone or Staff from the dropdown). Click Save at the bottom of the screen. If you see a mistake in your online profile information, click the blue Edit Profile box, click the Contact Information or Personal Information tab, and then type in the correct information. Click Save when you are done.
After you have registered, you may use the link you were emailed--or click below--to access our online community.
Our online and printed directories are "living" documents updated throughout the year. They become more complete and useful as more CUUC users register and share their contact information. Thank you for helping us stay connected!
Privacy Policy: Our online directory can only be accessed by registered users of our congregation’s online community site; it cannot be seen by the general public.