Opportunities to Serve at CUC

There are numerous ways in which you can contribute your time and energy while making a difference in the lives of those in need.  Take a look at this list of volunteer activities and programs that are sponsored both from within and without CUC.

If you are interested in helping out with any of these programs, send an email or call the contact person listed for the program.  They would love to hear from you.  

You can also Download fill out this form to hand in at the lobby when you come for services. Your help is always welcome and always needed.

In-House CUC Programs and Activities

Title Activity Dates Contact Person Email Phone
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility Holiday Gifts December Ray Messing raymessing@gmail.com (914) 592-4497
Auction November Catherine Kortlandt cemk_99@yahoo.com (914) 834-7112
Midnight Run ???
Grounds Day various Ted Kuczinski tadex@optonline.net (914) 949-6616
Crafts Fair Barbara Youngman Bvy1948@yahoo.com (914) 948-2973
Deck The Halls Perry Montrose dlre@cucwp.org (914) 946-1660
Projects of the Heart various Ann Marie Damashek scottam@verizon.net (914) 835-7593
Blood Drive Ann Marie Damashek scottam@verizon.net (914) 835-7593
Congregational Seder Julie Gans
CUC Family Barbecue Scott Damashek scottam@verizon.net (914) 835-7593
Religious Ed. Volunteer All year Perry Montrose dlre@cucwp.org (914) 946-1660
Hosting Coffee Hour All year Diana Escheverria
Action for Social Concerns All year John Schwam vermontbeau@yahoo.com (914) 833-9304
Caring and Sharing All year Ingrid Hartmann wwwingrid@webtv.net (914) 946-2026
Chalice Lighter All year Office Administrator (914) 946-1660
Grounds All year Tim Lynch
Choir All year Lisa Meyer lisa.meyer@liu.edu
Music / Choir Committee All year Tom Wacht tjwacht@aol.com (914) 949-5941
Building Maintenance & Planning All year Ted Kuczinski tadax@optonline.net (914) 949-6619
Ushering All year Tom Rosenbaum (914) 698-8741
Welcome Committee All year Karen Schmitt schmitt8@verizon.net

External Volunteer Activities and Contacts

Title Activity Dates Contact Person Email Phone
Volunteer Center of the United Way All Year Johanna Straub (914) 948-4452
Furniture Share House All Year Scott Damashek scottam@verizon.net (914) 835-7593
S.H.O.RE. (Sheltering the Homeless is Our Responsibility) All Year Gail McLeod (church member) gail.w.mcleod@gmail.com (914) 235-8212
Ecumenical Food Pantry All Year Vicky Van Wert victoriavanwert@gmail.com (914) 937-4758
UU-UNO All Year Dave Finch davidrfinch@juno.com (914) 381-6347