When you’ve been attending Sunday services for a while, when it begins to feel like a spiritual home for you, when you find yourself thinking or saying “my congregation” rather than “their congregation,” you may want to consider becoming a member. Membership helps to deepen your relationship with the congregation, its history, and its future.

Benefits include the services of the minister for weddings, child dedications, and memorial services. Members are eligible to vote; to participate in the decision making process practiced in our self-governed congregations. A major spiritual benefit is that of being part of something larger than yourself; something working to help us be better people and to build a better world.

The expectations of members are that you will

  • Attend Sunday Services regularly. This is how religious community is built and strengthened.
  • Be involved in something other than Sunday attendance. Take a class, help with an event, take part in a social justice project. This strengthens your connections with others and helps further the work of the church.
  • Make a personally meaningful financial commitment. Seventy-five to eighty percent of our budget is raised from our congregation’s contributions.
  • Attend to your own spiritual development. That’s what distinguishes religious communities from other kinds of groups—it encourages and supports those who wish to develop, articulate, and live their deepest values and highest aspirations.