Worship for Children and Youth

Worship is the holding up of that which has worth in our lives. We worship through music, song, reading, meditation, story, discussions, ritual, ceremony, celebration and movement. We invite parents to attend worship services with their children whenever they would like to. Worship is a time to gather in community, reflect on our beliefs and experience the things that make us unique.

We offer a variety of worship activities at CUUC:

  • Whole Congregation, All Ages Worship Service (K-12th): in the Sanctuary for entire service, no RE classes.
    • Worship in the sanctuary is a ritual we share with all ages. Young people are a vital part of our community and the way we welcome young people directly affects the way they respond to religious community, the divine, and one another. We offer a quiet activity area where you can sit on the floor and move around while being in community, and experiencing  the words, music, and rituals of our shared faith. 
  • Chapel (K-7th): in Room 43 from 10:00 am - 11:15 am.
    • In a worship experience designed with and for K-7th graders, we will explore our theme of UU Identity more deeply, naming our shared values and covenant, our grounding in the 8 Principles and 6 Sources, and what it means to be part of a living tradition where we bring our whole selves to faith community - our race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities, religious heritage and other identities.
  • Designated Youth Grades Attend Service in the Sanctuary – No Class or Youth Group.
  • Reverse Family Worship Service (K–12th): start in class then to Sanctuary at 10:45